Month: August 2020

Our Self-Management Structure

Neighbourhood Care is a person-centred home and community care provider that operates using the Buurtzorg model. Buurtzorg is a healthcare organisation from the Netherlands that was founded in 2006. In the years since, it has gained recognition worldwide and can now be found in 25 countries globally. What makes the Buurtzorg model so special, is its flat structure and person-centred care.

Our Person-Centred Services

Our principles are based on “the onion model”, which represents you and your support network. The sections of the onion model take into account personal values, such as wanting to have control over your own life, maintaining your quality of life and developing trusting relationships. We focus on involving you and your informal network, in reaching the best solutions tailored specially for you.

International Buurtzorg Experience

Australia is one of the 25 countries worldwide where healthcare services offered using the Buurtzorg model are available. The same model has been tested out and now successfully operates in various countries, including the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. Buurtzorg Britain and Ireland is a great example of how the Buurtzorg model can be effectively implemented in different countries.


Evan is our occupational therapist and coach. He has worked in health care for over 20 years as across a range of clinical areas including employment support and workplace modification, paediatrics, positive behaviour support, specialist equipment prescription, assistive technology, home modifications, custom designed and manufactured solutions.


Melissa has been working in health care since the age of 13 and enjoys it because she loves helping and being around people. Now, she is a support worker in Team Wanneroo. “I am looking forward to a fulfilling career and meeting new people while working with Neighbourhood Care.”


Jade is our Trainee Support Worker at Team Wanneroo. Currently she is studying to get her Certificate III in Individual Care and Support. Jade is highly motivated to work in disability supports and aged care as she likes the idea of making a positive contribution to someone’s life and wellbeing and to enable them to live their best life.