Evan Williams – Occupational Therapist & Coach

Evan is our occupational therapist and coach. He has worked in health care for over 20 years as across a range of clinical areas including employment support and workplace modification, paediatrics, positive behaviour support, specialist equipment prescription, assistive technology, home modifications, custom designed and manufactured solutions.

He has worked for large not for profit organisations in the community services sector and has held clinical management, clinical governance and executive management roles.

Evan says: “My passions are my family, learning new things and working in a role that allows me to make a positive difference in people’s lives and that is what has always attracted me to health care.”

He is from Perth and is still here because he finds it to be an amazing place to live.

“At Neighbourhood Care I hope to be part of creating a new and better way to provide holistic and truly person centred care through supports delivered by small local self managing teams under a genuine Buurtzorg model.”

When not at work, Evan likes to keep himself busy with his hobbies, which include mountain bike riding, climbing, reading and making things in his workshop.