Our Self-Management Structure

Neighbourhood Care is a person-centred home and community care provider that operates using the Buurtzorg model. Buurtzorg is a healthcare organisation from the Netherlands that was founded in 2006. In the years since, it has gained recognition worldwide and can now be found in 25 countries globally. What makes the Buurtzorg model so special, is its flat structure and person-centred care. Its name translated directly into ‘Neighbourhood Care’, which is reflective of Buurtzorg’s operating model. Care and supports are provided by autonomous teams of 10-12 nurses and carers, that operate in a particular area. This way you are able to receive stable care and supports from the same healthcare workers and develop personal relationships, which in turn enhances the quality of our services.

With no large back-office, all resources are directed towards providing excellent care to people according to personalised plans developed by experienced healthcare professionals. Although the care offered using the Buurtzorg model may be costlier per hour, it has been found that often the care hours needed are 50% less than traditionally. Our teams are supported by coaches who make sure they have access to high quality training. We believe in life-long learning and value new experiences and education. Through this, we can ensure the success of our care plans and your satisfaction.

Central to Buurtzorg’s principle is “First coffee, then care!”, which summarises our vision of getting to know you on a personal level to ensure your holistic quality of care and support. By taking the time, sitting down with you and your family and discussing plans and goals over a cup of tea or coffee, will help develop an effective care or support plan suited for your needs. This is all done by our self-managed teams of health care professionals who decide with you how to organise your services. Our teams are trusted to make decisions on their own with you and your family. Together, we care and support our neighbourhoods ensuring the needed services are available.

Read more about Buurtzorg in Australia from www.buurtzorg.com.au