Support Worker

Perth, WA

Melissa is our lead Support Worker in Team Wanneroo. She has been working in health care since the age of 13 and enjoys every minute. She loves helping people and being active in social and community environments. Melissa posseses excellent interpersonal skills and is very organised, which makes a huge impact to those she provides support and assistance to.

Melissa prefers to be called Mel and in her words is “looking forward to a fulfilling career and meeting new people while working with Neighbourhood Care.”

Mel is from Kent, England and currently lives in Perth. She is passionate about health and fitness for both herself and her family. She, her two teenage boys and husband Joe also have a dog. Mel says her life is busy but filled with excitement, fun and love.

Mel is available for your daily and social activity support needs as well as a cup of tea when you are ready to to have a chat with a Neighbourhood Care Team member.