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Our Commitment to You

We strive to provide in home support services, in combination with community and activity based programmes, that are fitted to your personal needs. While doing that we also ensure that your rights are respected and that you have access to the information regarding yourself and what you are entitled to. Here you can explore and experience our dedication to you and access policies regarding your rights with Neighbourhood Care.

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Click here to read how our Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation Policy affects you.

Click here to read how our Advocacy Policy affects you.

Click here to read how our Decision Making and Consent Policy affects you.

Click here to read how our Duty of Care and Dignity of Risk Policy affects you.

Click here to read how our Privacy and Confidentiality Policy affects you.

You Helping You Simplify the NDIS

Together with you and your family, we navigate the complexities of the NDIS to make a better experience. Our role is to support you so you can access those services you and your family need to live the life you you want.

Here are just some ways we can help:

  • Focusing on YOUR goals using your NDIS funding and NDIS Plan
  • Making friends
  • Participating in local community activity
  • Getting and keeping a job
  • Becoming independent
  • Learning new lifelong skills
  • Helping you to live the life you want to live

How we work with NDIS:

Support Coordinator

A Support Coordinator can help implement your plan and build your ability to connect with supports and service like those offered by Neighbourhood Care.

Local Area Coordinator

A Local Area Coordinator (LAC) will connect people with disability to supports and services, activities in your community and other government agencies.

Tell Your Coordinator

So we can assist you, why not tell your Support Coordinator or Local Area Coordinator about us! Your Coordinator will then make contact with us on your behalf to get things started. Its that easy!

What is a Support Coordinator?

A Support Coordinator is a person who helps you to understand and use the NDIS funding in your plan to work towards reaching your goals. They also help to build your skills so you can use your plan more independently and connect with community supports and services. Just remember, a Support Coordinator does not write your plan, that’s the NDIS Planner’s role!