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Disability Support

As a registered NDIS provider, we tailor your support to your unique needs and goals. These may include improved daily-living, capacity building, or even receiving emotional support from our team of support workers and therapists.

Support Coordination
Support Coordination

We offer specialist support coordination (Level 3) and support coordination (Level 2) throughout the Perth metropolitan area and the Wheatbelt region of Western Australia. Your support coordinator will help you understand your NDIS plan, assist you in successfully achieving your goals and connect you with the required providers.

Allied Health

Our team of allied health professionals – which includes occupational therapists, physiotherapists and speech therapists – will support you in working towards your goals and enriching your wellbeing.

In-Home Aged Care

We provide in-home care support for elderly persons desiring to live independently. Our services in aged care include but are not limited to providing personal care and emotional support.

Our values:

Letting you
lead the way
Decisions about your care and support are
tailored to your needs and preferences.
Quality support &
meaningful outcomes
We work with you and your family to assist
you in achieving your goals.
Making your
support simple
Our self-managed teams and flat organisation structure aim to simplify your support.

Why choose us?

Neighbourhood Care is a person-centred home and community care provider that operates using the Buurtzorg model. Buurtzorg is a healthcare organisation from the Netherlands that was founded in 2006. In the years since, it has gained recognition worldwide and can now be found in 25 countries. What makes the Buurtzorg model so special is its flat structure and person-centred care.
Our principles are based on “the onion model”, which represents you and your support network. The sections of the onion model take into account personal values, such as wanting to have control over your own life, maintaining your quality of life and developing trusting relationships. We focus on involving you and your informal network, in reaching the best solutions tailored specially for you.
Australia is one of the 25 countries worldwide where healthcare services offered using the Buurtzorg model are available. Work towards the implementation of the model here has been going on since 2018 and after more than 3 years of preparation, we are ready to bring Neighbourhood Care to you.

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