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Your happiness and wellbeing is our priority. Our self-managed teams are here to work with you and your loved ones to come up with a plan that best supports your unique needs. Through our person-centred approach, we will develop meaningful, personal relationships which allow us to truly understand each other – and ensure we provide you with the highest quality of care.

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I am very satisfied, they are now visiting me regularly. I really feel at home with my support team and I appreciate the inclusion of me and my family in the decision making.
At Neighbourhood Care they are very flexible towards my own needs and they try and suit me as much as possible to my preferences regarding timings and number of care staff.
When I am not on shift at Neighbourhood Care, I can switch off my phone but I do not mind keeping it on. I can decide to refer to another colleague who is familiar with the person calling to solve any issue they have. I prefer this as I can decide what to do.