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Neighbourhood Care is the Australian branch of the Netherlands’ largest home-care provider, Buurtzorg – which has a presence in 25 countries. As such, our organisation utilises a revolutionary “flat” organisation structure, meaning that we have no levels of middle management between our staff and our executives. This has been shown to reduce bureaucracy, improve communication, and empower the workers who know you best – thus, improving the quality of your care.

Our teams are self-managing, empowering our nurses, support workers and allied health professionals by giving them the autonomy to make decisions with you and your support networks without requiring approval from a middle-manager. With a maximum of 12 members, our teams possess a higher degree of independence, meaning that you will interact with and develop meaningful relationships with the people who know you best, as opposed to a back-office staff member.

Our operating model

Neighbourhood Care is a person-centred home and community care provider which operates using the Buurtzorg model. Founded in the Netherlands in 2006, Buurtzorg is a healthcare organisation which has since gained worldwide recognition and can now be found in 25 countries. Why is the Buurtzorg model so special? It utilises a progressive, "flat" organisation structure to provide holistic, person-centred supports.
Our principles are perhaps best exemplified by the Buurtzorg "Onion" model, which allows us to visually represent a person's various support networks. Why is this useful? Well, it helps us to account for your personal values and goals, as well as your various existing support networks, e.g. your family, community, and formal supports. By involving your networks in the decision-making process, we can find solutions tailored to your specific needs.
Australia is one of the 25 countries in which Buurtzorg is currently operating. However, every country is different and requires a tailored approach. Here in Australia, we have been working since 2018 to implement the Buurtzorg model, and we are now ready to offer you the unique benefits and high quality, holistic, and person-centred care synonymous with the Buurtzorg name.

The Buurtzorg "Onion" model

The Buurtzorg Onion model helps us visualise your existing support networks and takes into account your various support network, including your family, your friends, your community, our services, and your formal support networks. Upon our first meeting, we gain an understanding of your personal values and existing networks and start working to plan your support together. By involving you and your networks in the process, we can figure out how best to assist you in achieving your goals.   

Firstly, we ascertain your personal values. These could include maintaining control of your decisions, maintaining your quality of life, and a desire to build warm, trusting relationships. Next, we gain an understanding of your informal networks. These may include family, friends, neighbours or other people in your community. Representing the third layer of your onion, we discuss our team of healthcare professionals and the services we can provide. Lastly, we take into account your existing formal networks (such as your GP, pharmacist or support coordinator). Why go into all this detail? To ensure your care is holistic and person-centred. 

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Our code of conduct

We have high standards when it comes to integrity and ethics. As part of our commitment to you, our code of conduct outlines how we expect our staff and volunteers to act in the workplace and also includes guidelines for legal compliance and ethical standards.

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