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Our Structure

We strive to provide home care solutions for those who request and require care or support but want to maintain or develop their independence and improve their quality of life.
At Neighbourhood Care we put you in control so you can experience the good things in life!

Neighbourhood Care strives for achieving optimal results in our teams with minimum overhead. We are a network organisation that facilitates optimal teams so you can experience the good things in life. One regional coach is assigned to support, guide and respond to questions or problems for many teams. These problems may arise from personnel, administration process, facilities or other function related issues.

Our teams consist of community nurses, support workers and associated therapists. These teams are formed of a maximum of 12 members per team. We prefer the ideal balance for a team being of 70% community nurse and support workers, and 30% professional therapists. Through our services you can access high-quality care at home!

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The Buurtzorg Onion Model

Your life is bigger than the support we provide, and our “Onion Model” involves you, your family, formal supports and others in the community. From the beginning, we get to know you, your personal values, important people in your life, and in relationship with you, we plan your supports together – how you want them delivered and what you want to achieve. 

The sections of the onion model take into account personal values, such as wanting to have control over your own life, maintaining your quality of life and developing trusting relationships. We focus on involving you and your informal network, in reaching the best solutions tailored specially for you. This way we are able to provide holistic care and build warm relationships. We work with you over time to make sure we are supporting you the right way.


We Stand by:

Letting You Lead the Way

All decisions about your care and supports are individually fitted to suit your needs and preferences.

Quality Support, Meaningful Outcomes

Trained, experienced practitioners are working with you and your family to achieve your goals.

Keeping it Small ... Keeping it Simple

A simplified organisation structure, where our self-managed teams are focussed on supporting you.

Our Code of Conduct

We are committed to a high level of integrity and ethical standards in all practices. Our Code of Conduct outlines how we expect our staff and volunteers to behave in the workplace. It includes legal compliance and guidelines on appropriate ethical standards.

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Meet Our Team!

Evan is our occupational therapist and coach. He has worked in health care for over 20 years as across a range of clinical areas including
Melissa is our lead Support Worker in Team Wanneroo. She has been working in health care since the age of 13 and enjoys every minute.
Amanda is our support worker in team Midland. She has been working in community services for several years and is passionate about helping others to
Jade is our Trainee Support Worker at Team Wanneroo. Currently she is studying to get her Certificate III in Individual Care and Support. Jade is


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We are constantly on the look for self-driven nurses, welfare workers, support workers who want to be a part of a bigger change to the disability and aged care sector. Consider how your vision fits with ours and get in touch with us to find out more.

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