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Things That Make Us Different

Holistic Care & Supports

We care about all aspects of your health and are ready support you with a holistic approach through a personalised care or support plan.

Putting People & Families First

We value getting to know you and your family and taking into account your personal needs in your care or support plan.

Internationally Tested Model

The Buurtzorg model that we base our services on, has been successfully used since 2006 in over 100,000 individual cases.

Our Support Areas:

We are registrated with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Quality & Safeguards Commission and provide supports to ‘Agency-Managed’, ‘Plan-Managed’ or ‘Self-Managed’ participants of the NDIS. We also support people who can self-fund. We provide a range of Core and Capacity -Building supports from the eight categories below and we charge NDIS rates (see the latest NDIS Price Guide for details).

Our teams are trusted to make decisions on their own with you and your family, so if you have any questions or specific support requests, please let them know!

Please click on the names of the domains to read short summaries of how our services are mede to suit your personal needs:

We provide you with all-rounded support in assisting you with your daily personal activities and travel arrangements.
We ensure you have access to high-quality care and support in the comfort of your own home.
We make sure that our services provide you with holistic support and assist you in all aspects and stages of your life.
We support your curiosity and can assist you in accessing and maintaining your education throughout life.
We support your independence together with your career by helping you access and maintain the employment you desire.
We value your social participation and support your interactions with your informal network and the community.
We work towards building healthy relationships and actively engage with you and your family in reaching decisions together.
We care about your opinion and give you the opportunity to control and coordinate your supports.

Coffee Consultation

“First coffee, then care!” summarises our vision of getting to know you on a personal level to ensure your holistic quality of care and support. Taking the time, sitting down with you and your family and discussing plans and goals over a cup of tea or coffee, will help develop an effective care or support plan suited for you.

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Our Operating Model

We believe in holistic person-centred care, which we provide based on the Buurtzorg model. This model was first put to use in the Netherlands in 2006 and has now been put to practice in 25 countries worldwide. Read more from the posts below!

Job Vacancy - Trainee Support Worker
As a Support Worker at Neighbourhood Care, you will be focused on supporting people to live their best lives by finding ways that are meaningful to them. In addition, you will be given the opportunity to obtain your Certificate III in Individual Support.