International Buurtzorg Experience

Australia is one of the 25 countries worldwide where healthcare services offered using the Buurtzorg model are available. Work towards the implementation of the model here has been going on since 2018 and after nearly 2 years of preparation, we are ready to bring Neighbourhood Care to you. The same model has been tested out and now successfully operates in various countries, including the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. Buurtzorg Britain and Ireland is a great example of how the Buurtzorg model can be effectively implemented in healthcare systems different from that of the Netherlands, where the model was first developed.

Despite the UK and Ireland have distinctly different health and social care systems from the Dutch one, the challenges of the system were quite similar to those that Buurtzorg aimed to overcome in the Netherlands. The “ever-increasing demand, spiralling costs, fragmented care models, inadequate outcomes and disillusioned staff teams” were all becoming a problem in Britain and Ireland. Ever since 2015, they have been closely working with their clients to find out which solutions are suitable to thus constantly improve the care and services offered.

This summarises the mindset of Buurtzorg organisations around the world. We are all dedicated to providing you with the best experience and enabling you to live your life to the fullest. The Buurtzorg model is flexible and person-centred, including you and your informal network in working out an individualised care and supports plan. With more than 14,000 healthcare professionals working with Buurtzorg worldwide, the care and services offered are based on international experience and success stories from around the globe.

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